Abigail Rose Young as Hadley Mather

Abigail Rose Young is a professional actor and has performed on stage since she was five years old. She has worked for companies such as TARGET, Aquasana, Sunshine Kids, and has starred in theatrical productions such as “Annie”, “The Music Man,” and most recently as “Alice” in Alice in Wonderland. Abigail is also a musician and has performed on stage with her ukulele at the Lane County Fair, the Oakway Center, the Creswell Bakery, and the Sweet Salvage’s annual antique fair. You will also catch her rendition of Symmetry/Symmetry’s “The Majors” in the credits.

Ava Natasha Schwartz as Quinn Mather

This is Ava’s debut on the big screen. In theater, she has been an Orphan in Annie, a Card in Alice in Wonderland, Gracie Smythe in a Christmas Carol and a role in Willy Wonka, all at Actors Cabaret. Numerous acting camps with Rose Childrens Theater. Ava has been studying hip hop, contemporary, and ballet at Flex Studio for the last 5 years. A few new hobbies over the summer include professional sleeping, live broadcasts on Instagram and the worm dance on the carpet of Victorian houses built in 1888.

Lia Rose Dugal as Maureen Mather

Lia is an actress from the beautiful Ashland, Oregon.  She’s appeared in many local theatre productions including A Doll House, God Of Carnage, Deathtrap, Light Sensitive, Working, the Musical, and many others.  She’s also participated in many independent films such as Into The Woods, Beach Blanket Frankenstein, and Catatonia of the Fairies.  She recently ventured into the other side of the camera with her company, Cafe-Girl Productions, which has produced such projects as Daggers In Men’s Smiles, Catatonia of the Fairies, and the webseries, Hearts-Sick & Homesick. She is honored to bring the story of “In Her Blood” to the screen and is grateful to be a part of such an amazing cast & crew.

Robert Randall as Garvey Mather

This is Robert’s second feature film. Although, the first one was 30 years ago ! He has had numerous roles on film and on stage before starting a business and family. Robert was thrilled to be cast as Garvey Mather and looks forward to resuming his acting career.

Kris Paul as Winnifred Mather

The part of Winnifred will be my debut film performance. Normally I work from my home office doing software and web development, but acting has always been something I’ve wanted to try. When the director, Heather, explained the plot to me I knew it would be a powerful film. Heather saw something in me that would be right for the part, and I was drawn to the story because it deals with a lot of difficult topics that need to be looked at more closely on screen and off.

John Vaughan Lemhouse as Jack

This is John’s first feature film appearance. Other film work includes, “Painting the Line” by Paul Bright. Recently, John was in Cottage Grove Theaters production of “Jekyll and Hyde” which ran this past October. He played Simon Stride.

Robert Slaughter as Ronnie

Robert was born in Los Angeles, and his ramblings have taken him as far away as Vietnam and China. He has spent most of his life in Eugene, Oregon, however, hating every minute of it. He is an aspiring writer, digital media publisher, and men’s fashion agent. He is actually a delivery driver, as befitting his skills in those three areas. His third novel, Take My Wife, will soon be available through his production company GlobalSlaughterMedia.

Rich Robison as Chief Allen

Rich had multiple roles off and on screen for IN HER BLOOD. A recent graduate from the Lane Community College Media Arts program, he played key roles in the film as Chief Allen, and is also the Director of Cinematography and Editor! His creative intuition and the ability to capture the Directors vision is unparalleled.

Doug Anders as Property Manager

Doug also had multiple roles on and off screen of IN HER BLOOD. He was audio behind the scenes and troubleshooted the unusual problem of receiving Michael Jackson transmission while recording on the hill. On screen, Doug nails the evil property manager on the nose. (Picture: Doug Anders on Left and Benny Golson on right.)

John Jurkowski as Bob the John

This is John’s debut film as Bob “The John”. John lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, Noriko, and their family. He is a master gardener, a lover of dogs and a really kind soul. John is nothing like Bob.

Megan Harris (Tourist)

Megan spins yarn and works at the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House in Eugene, Oregon. She guarded us from visitors, passersby with snakes and was the perfect choice for our enthusiastic tourist.

Sarah Elizabeth Greene (Hitchhiker or Travelling Girl – your choice)

Sarah is a dancer, a jeweler and a candlestick maker (if you asked her to make you a candlestick). She actually is a travelling girl and is teaching eight year old children English on the coast of Spain. We miss you and hope you don’t hitchhike over there.

Additional Cast – Brigitte McBride as Bartender, Erin Emmert as Bar Patron, Jordyn Johnson as Bar Patron, ZarOelke as Bar Patron, Roberta Swift as Bar Flirt, and Tammy Clark as Waitress.