Heather McBride (Writer, Director & Producer)

Heather McBride-Anders as Writer, Director and Producer – Heather began writing this screenplay in a Lane Community College (LCC) continuing education class taught by Steve Lamontagne. Ten years later, she returned to LCC to recruit a group of interns that helped her bring her dream to life. She is so excited to share this amazing film with the world. Without collaboration, love of film and much personal sacrifice on the entire cast and crew’s part, this movie would never have been made.

Rich Robison (Director of Cinematography & Editor)

Rich had multiple roles off and on screen for IN HER BLOOD. A recent graduate from the Lane Community College Media Arts program, he played key roles in the film as Chief Allen, and is also the Director of Cinematography and Editor! His creative intuition and the ability to capture the Directors vision is unparalleled.

Jeffery King Osborns (Cinematographer, Lighting, Foley & Colorist)

After a 30+ years on this journey called life, I’ve been reassured that my personal legend and my passions are for production and inspiring others. After earning my AAS for multimedia and web certificate, I’ll strive to join a sports media team and help others with various freelance multimedia jobs. Shout out to EUG Life and a KING Ransom Productions.

Alan R. Thompson III (Cinematographer, Lighting, Colorist & Artist)

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and artist. I enjoy painting and filmmaking which is often inspired by my love of the outdoors. I love hiking and spending time in the wilderness with my wife, Marine and our dog, Clover. I also spend a lot of quiet time in my yard working on my bonsai collection. I’m currently finishing my final term at Lane community college, and looking forward to graduating and getting a job that puts my multi-media skills to use. My career goals are to do illustration for a video game or card company. My other interest would be to work for a film production company. (P.S. Alan created our stunning movie poster/art on the home page. Yeah, it’s awesome.)

Aaron Scoble (Storyboardist, Lighting, and many other roles)

Aaron started out as our Storyboardist. Upon finishing that project, he evolved into assisting with lighting, camera and even tried his hand at directing a few scenes. He is continuing his studies at Lane Community College in the Multimedia Program this Fall. Aaron has a cameo in the movie as “Trash Guy”. No one else could have played it so smooth.

Jake Valdez (Finishing Editor, Audio Master, Foley, and Drone Operator)

Jake Valdez was introduced to video production at a young age. With having family in both the Hollywood film industry and in the news industry, he too found his passion in video production. While attending LCC for a degree in Multimedia, Jake began to actively participate in local film competitions. He has participated in the Cinema Pacific’s Adrenaline Film Project where he worked with mentors from Hollywood. He has also participated in the Eugene Film Society 72 Hour Horror Film Festival several times as well as the 72 hour music video competition. After graduating college Jake started his own video production company C.A.V.E. Productions and began working as a news editor at the local ABC affiliate. He left the news industry and joined Division Production as the sound recordist and DIT for their hit reality tv show Graveyard Carz. Jake now works full time with C.A.V.E. Productions and working with other local filmmakers to help bring their imagination to life.

Doug Anders (Audio & Music Consultant)

Doug also had multiple roles on and off screen of IN HER BLOOD. He was audio behind the scenes and troubleshooted the unusual problem of receiving Michael Jackson transmission while recording on the hill. On screen, Doug nails the evil property manager on the nose.

Ashley Spann (Audio)

I am a recent college graduate and aspiring sound design artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. In my spare time I like to read, capture and create sounds, and play the saxophone.